Free Web Domains

Totally free, redirect to your web page (including paths and specific web pages) or bind an IP address to us, with domain records.

It's like, but looking nicer, in the form of a full domain name, eg: <you>

You want a domain name, that's money which you may not have, or for a project which requires a temporary domain.

I was setting up subdomains, eg, and I realised:

  • Sub domains can point to other IP addresses.
  • I already have a domain name.
  • You can use a subdomain of our domain name,, to point to your server, blog, anything really.
  • Sub domain pages look prettier than etc.
  • If you change your page, or point to your own server, update your records with us and we'll forward the traffic to you.
  • You can set your own domain records with us, for mail forwarding (MX records), proof you own the page (TXT records) etc.
  • No lock in. Redirect to your blog, site, whatever, or your own server.
  • Point to it, separate from your page, without changing any of your nameservers.

Have any sites containing illegal content added to our domain? Please tell us at abuse and we'll look into that

Why free?

I'm running websites on a budget, I have the £10 to get this domain name, not everybody does.

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